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  1. Dani Ventura

    This ARE such nice options to go with our moms! next step is to make her get the diving license =)

  2. Bethan

    Regarding High Tea (mentioned as the thing to do in London) I just want to correct the terminology. The kind of ‘tea’ you are referring to is actually called Afternoon Tea.

    It’s a common mistake as both are British institutions but are actually very different things. High tea originates from the North of England and Scotland when working people would have their main meal at midday. High tea was then what they had later when they came home so yes they would have had tea and cake but also probably something cooked .

    Afternoon tea originated as a very small meal to get the upper classes through the afternoon between luncheon and dinner in the evening. So this is where light cucumber sandwiches came in plus a little cake.

    • Thank you for educating me on that! I have edited the post to reflect the correct information 🙂