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  1. Annie

    Is a Bali drivers license needed to rent a scooter? Thanks!

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hey Annie, I’m actually working on a post all about this! It looks like the rules have changed a little over the years – sometimes you could get away without having a license, though I wouldn’t suggest it. “You need an international driving license which you have to apply for in your home country.” Check out this site that has more info:

      Also, just a note, Bali roads can be QUITE crazy. If you haven’t operated a scooter before, I wouldn’t recommend doing so in Bali for the first time, especially as the traffic isn’t for the faint of heart. You might want to ask the ladies in the TBA Travel Tribe on FB about their experience as well!

  2. Morgan

    Hi Kiki,

    I am a female bachelor student and I would like to go to Bali this summer 2020, also as a solo traveler. It has been recommended to me to visit Bali with more people and loved ones to get the best out of your trip. But I was wondering, how did you experience Bali when traveled solo, would you recommend it? It makes me doubt to visit Bali on my own…

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hey Morgan! It really depends what you want out of your trip. I’ve visited Bali both solo and with friends and it’s been lovely both times. If you’re going solo, you can often meet people at hostels and local hangouts to go do things with and you also have the freedom to choose WHATEVER you want to do, WHENEVER you want to do.

      If you haven’t traveled solo before—I find it’s one of the best ways to grow and learn and really figure out the things you love and how to spend time with yourself (I know this can kind of sound silly, but when we’re always on the go, sometimes we don’t really get to tune in to ourselves for long periods of time).

      That said, Bali can be really fun with friends, too. But if you don’t have pals to join you on the trip, my vote is to not let that stop you—and GO! I hope that helps 🙂