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  1. Lisa Schwartz

    Thank you for this! Bali is the next stop on my sons gap year itinerary. Loads of useful information here.🤗

  2. Howard Davidson

    Can you help with this:

    Bali Trip

    Help book a company trip to Bali for 25 people internationally.

    Find 3 to 5 options for a hotel or resort that:

    -Can accommodate 25 people in their own rooms
    -Offers 3 meals per day
    -Has a meeting room
    -Has things to do like a pool at the place or nearby
    -Close to the city for site seeing
    -Does not need to be 5 star – 4 star is okay, need low cost

    Include options for excursions 3 nights. This could include dinner at a nearby restaurant

    Dates are flexible. Prefer the weeks of Aug 21 and Aug 28 or first couple weeks of Sept

    Need costs for hotel, meals and excursion by Weds, May 18th (except for flights, this can be done later in the week)