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  1. Rich Moog

    Great article, succinct and just what’s required! Your small tour itinerary has saved me a lot of work trying to cram in the islands after losing valuable time to sickness when I arrived in Bangkok.
    I sincerely thank you for sharing and be glad to know you’ve saved me a lot of headache!
    Namaste and safe travels to you.

    Ps. Looks like I have another website to keep an eye on! 😀

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hey Rich! Glad to hear you found my site. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your trip without anymore bouts of sickness!

  2. Sophia Peterson

    I’m trying to figure out our Thailand trip for either November 2020 or February 2021. I LOVE the layout of the itinerary you provided, but I can’t take that much time off of work unfortunately… Do you have suggestions on where to cut down on days or what stops to omit so we can fit the trip into 7-10 days?
    Thank you so much!!

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hey Sophia! So awesome! It really depends what you’re after. Definitely take a look at the island breakdowns there, but consider where you’re starting/ending (probably Phuket and Bangkok) and maybe only go to one or two spots. I’d suggest joining the TBA Travel Tribe on FB and asking the ladies there as well!