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  1. Gabi Mckenzie

    Hey Kiki!!

    I’m in early planning stages for a trip and I would love your opinion! My in laws just recently got a promotion and have emigrated from the US to Singapore! We’re planning on visiting them in November.

    After visiting them we’d love to make a little trip out of it. My ideal plan would be Singapore -> tropical island -> Kyoto/Tokyo. We’re thinking of spending about 4 days on some gorg island, in Washington state it will be freezing and rainy by then so I would love to go somewhere warm and cheap to fly to on our way to japan!

    I’ve been considering Bali, Cambodia, or Thailand. I’ve read your articles on them but I’m having such a hard time narrowing it down and figuring out where we should go.

    I would love your recommendation! What do you think is the most magical/best authentic experience/$ value? I would love to hear your thoughts!