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  1. Whitt Sherrill

    I’m currently backpacking through Asia with my girlfriend and found your article very useful! We are trying to travel as long as possible and therefore our budget is very tight. We want to spend a week or so on the southern islands, especially ko lanta but found that the ferry prices online are very steep. Do you think it’s safe to arrange ferry’s and other transport when we get there? We also wanted to pre-book accommodation to get the best deal and are not sure if we should leave that up to chance.

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hey Whitt! I completely understand about wanting to extend your budget as far as possible. When I was there I pretty much booked everything on a whim and didn’t plan that much ahead—as it was more of a spontaneous trip and seeing where the days took me. So, at least in my experience, it worked to arrange when I got there. Your girlfriend is welcome to join the TBA Travel Tribe on Facebook – she can ask the ladies there about their suggestions!