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  1. Steve


    You have such a great blog for first timers…thanks so much. I was wondering what you think about waiting to be in Thailand to book my hotels, would that be a good idea ?

    Thanks !

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Steve! It totally depends on how you want to travel. Some people prefer to have all their accommodations sorted before they go and like having that reassurance, but if you’re doing more of a backpacking trip or wanting to jump around places and see where the day takes you — then it would make more sense to see what you can get the day of.

  2. Ariena

    Hi Kiersten! What a fabulous content you have and seems you were living your life there in Thailand. Agree 100% with the no elephant riding. I had a bad experience in one of the elephant riding attraction center, and this is long before i knew that they mistreated the elephants. Also +1 on knowing the weather beforehand prior to the trip. The weather in Thailand can vary greatly throughout the year and there might be some months travelers need to avoid because the chance of heavy rain is high!

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Ariena! Thank you for the kind words. I definitely enjoyed my time in Thailand. And yes — super important to know about ethical animal encounters and which ones are not.