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  1. adrienne

    Hi there! im travelling on my own to Indonesia for my first time and I will be staying for a month. I was just wondering if you booked all of your accommodations in advance or if it will be easy for me to find hostels/hotels last minute?

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hey Adrienne! A mix of both – I’m a bit of a planner so I like to have things organized ahead of time, but I also sometimes like to be spontaneous and am up for an adventure. It kind of depends if you’re wanting to stay in one place and also the time of year – consider if it’s a major tourist season and how quickly accommodations will book up. I would recommend joining the TBA Travel Tribe on FB and asking the ladies there, too!

  2. Azizsolotraveller

    I have been there and It’s Amazing !! The nature is breathtaking, Really lovely tips thanks
    Greetings from the manager of Imagine Morocco

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Isn’t it so beautiful? And thank you! 🙂