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  1. Jamie Archibald

    Hi! Have you ever taken SeaJet (or know anyone that has)? I know they’re a popular one and a bit faster and bigger. We’re trying to go Athens > Mykonos > Santorini and it seems to be half the time of Blue Star for some reason (2.5 hours vs. 5 hours to Mykonos).

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Jamie! I believe SeaJet was the one that EVERYONE was getting sick on. Granted, the water was quite choppy that day. I think most of the time the SeaJet ferries are smaller than Blue Star – meaning they can go faster…but that also means it’s A LOT bumpier. So keep that in mind.


    Good day! Thank you so very much for your post on Greek Ferries as I almost booked the fast ferry, but, after reading you post, I am heavily considering flying or taking Blue Star from Athens to Mykonos. I wanted to inquire on your thoughts on travel between closer islands I.e. Mykonos to Paros or Paros to Santorini. Are there any private boats you can take vs. ferry or potential alternative modes such as helicopters? I have not travelled in two years, so definitely willing to spend more for quality & comfort! Any insight or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Plush fields of gratitude, Jennifer

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Jennifer!

      I wish I could provide more insight, but I haven’t taken a private boat nor a helicopter between the islands, so I can’t speak on either of those options. Please report back if you find something!