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  1. Nina

    Thanks for sharing your experiences and some useful tips like the Ferry hopper App. Wie have been spending four vacations in greek islands so far, using a lot of ferries. My experiences have been good overall, Moste ferries are realiable and I dont think delays are surprising given the distances a lot of ferries go. We only had one heavy delay on a very windy day, and this was also the only Ferry I got seasick on, mostly because it was going at night and I couldnt see anything. I getseasick quite easy normally. Moreover, I have never seen people vomiting on the ferries, so I assume, it must have been bad luck that day for you. Seajets has quite big speedboats which are more stable, too .
    To me, ferries are part of the experience of greek island hopping and overall a good option to travel. It is quite a pity and undifferentiated , to give a general refusal to the ferries.

  2. Chloe


    I wish id have read this before booking my ferry however.. the ship has sailed (no pun intended) so I’m hoping you might be able to put my mind at rest. i have booked the Minoan lines morning ferry. I have googled every picture of this boat to try and work out how big they are however i thought i would just ask the question. Do you know if these ferries are the larger ferry. i will be doing a 2hr trip from Heraklion to Santorini early September and im not a good traveller at the best of times.

    Any advise welcome !

    Chloe x