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  1. Lisa

    Hey Kiersten.
    I absolutely love this article, you have covered such a broad range of different types of trips to take while in college that appeal to all different types of students so I feel everyone can get something out of this.
    As I myself are a university student in Australia I am always looking for the perfect trip to take when I only have two weeks here or there to travel in. This article has helped me add some places onto my bucket list that I cannot miss, Thank you!
    Surprisingly I have actually done a few of these trips already like the full moon party in Thailand, road trip of California and a Europe trip all which I recommend to every person I have met. It was really fascinating to see them on them list and know that I have made some pretty good selections in trips I have taken throughout university.
    Thank you so much for the always-inspiring articles, you make my wanderlust grow more and more every article I read and my bucket list grow more and more each week. Thank you.

  2. amazing photos! thank you.