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  1. Daniel Howe

    I’m a decently well-seasoned traveler who has lived on a few continents. I also, am 35 and have only done volunteer work (in the US) for the last decade; while I was in university. I’m a retired, disabled veteran and am waiting on a Peace Corps assignment. I’m planning a few-month trip to Peru and am looking to spend the majority of the time volunteering/learning Spanish. I only have one working arm and am half-blind. I wondered if you had any advice or resources you think would be beneficial to me? The TEFL cert. It already seems like a big help.

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Daniel! I’m not well-versed in the volunteering opportunities in Peru; my best advice would be to find places you’re interested in and inquire internally! I would imagine that each place is different and they will be able to provide you with much more specific advice as every volunteer opportunity/non-profit needs people with different skillsets!