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  1. Dave

    Where did you travel on the overnight train? Does it still run between marrakesh and fes ?

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Dave! It’s been a while — but I think our overnight train was Tangier to Marrakech. As for your second question, I would guess it’s still running between Marrakesh and Fes, but I’m not sure if COVID has changed anything. I would inquire within the companies/see if you can book tickets and check that way.

  2. Angela C Ector

    Hi Kiersten. Love your posts – they’re always so informative and fun. Did you find language to be a barrier when travelling in Morocco? I’d like to explore the country by train, but would like to do so without a tour guide if at all possible. Any advice?

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Angela! A number of people in the bigger cities (i.e. the ones with more tourism) tend to speak a little bit of English, but yes – there is a barrier for smaller places. For that reason, we hire a local guide when we travel to Morocco with TBA Escapes!