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  1. Greg

    Hello, we love your Blog & wanted to ask you a couple questions. My partner of 31 years & myself have traveled together for many years. When we moved to NZ in the 2002 we opened a business, a coffee house actually in Auckland, North Island. We entered on a business visa and gained permanent residency after 2 years. Does S.A. have any similar program that you know about to enter the country, using a Solicitor of course and stay as long as we employ a minimum number of locals at our business? In NZ we had to employ 6 New Zealanders which was no issue as we needed about 12 anyway for such a large business. Last question LoL (maybe): I see on your Blog that they have so many trendy cafe’s and coffee shops already, so is there room in Cape Town, for one more? Do they tend to like Americans or are they hesitant around Americans, as some are in some Countries? Will us being a gay couple in our early 50’s be an issue? Is it better kept quiet in other words as in NYC there are no issues whatsoever? Thank you for any information you can share. Be safe & thanks for sharing all your very useful & entertaining experiences. Greg from New York

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Greg! Thanks so much for reaching out. I’m not entirely sure about the business visa/license and don’t want to quote anything wrong, so your best bet is to look at actual SA gov websites.

      In terms of coffee shops, while there are some really good ones, there are always new ways to branch out, make yourself distinct, and different areas.

      I’m not the best person to report about living in SA as a gay couple, since I haven’t lived that experience, but I would definitely look into other blogs with travelers similar to yourself. Wish I could be of more help. Best of luck, Greg! <3