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  1. Knowa

    Where did you purchase the Vespa in CT? Was it new or used? (looks new!). Separately, what’s your opinion of living in Hout Bay (assuming you can work from home)?

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hey there! I bought my Vespa used on GumTree (it’s like the local Craigslist). It’s really difficult to find Vespas in Cape Town that aren’t expensive as they are a foreign import. And South Africa has a really high tax on everything that’s imported. The guy had slid out and crashed it, so it did have quite a bit of body damage — it’s just not super visible in pictures (the white one). The red one we got from a Vespa dealership, but you’re going to pay a boatload (wouldn’t recommend).

      Opinion of living in Hout Bay: A lot of people do. I personally wouldn’t as it’s very far out of town and you’re looking at 20-30 minutes depending to get to and from town. If you want to be near the beach, shops and have a cool place to work at, it’s not my first choice. I would say if you’re foreign and looking to have an Ex-Pat experience, Seapoint, Greenpoint, Bantry Bay are all good beachfront areas. The closer to the waterfront like De Waterkant — you just have to be mindful of safety. If it’s a secure apartment building on an upper floor, you’ll probably feel a bit more secure than a bottom unit.

  2. Carly

    Thank you for all the great info! How long do you have to leave the country for & how far do you have to go in order to come back on another 90-day visa? Thanks!

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Carly! I hate to give any advice related to visas and immigration restrictions as things may change, but I met with an immigration attorney because I spent so much time in Cape Town and was told that the only way that it’s legal is if you leave the country just before your 90-day visa ends and re-enter after to start a new 90 days. It can’t be a bordering country, but let’s say you left Cape Town 30 days into your 90-day visa and returned within a few days, technically that doesn’t reset your 90 days. It has to be on those specific dates/intervals.

      I always found Johannesberg was way more strict with not resetting your 90 days, but pretty much any time I re-entered Cape Town from a non-bordering country, they would give me another 90 days on entry. But I did ask the attorney and he said that if I was ever questioned, that technically I don’t have a new 90 days. It’s only when you leave the country just before the 90 days expires and then reenter after to reset it.