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  1. Emmah Chihava

    Hey Kiki, from someone who has lived all her life and still leaves in South Africa I have to say thank you for this post it was very well balanced. Yes, the crime rate in South Africa is high but that doesn’t mean everyone who comes to South Africa would be robbed at gunpoint the most important thing is to be more careful when you are in a foreign country as a tour guide my job I deal with tourists every day and I am glad to say 99% of my clients love and enjoy exploring South Africa while feeling safe even when we do Soweto township tours and go back home without losing a hair strand not everything about Africa is a sad story actually 98% of us are happy, warm, funny we don’t stop smiling dispute our poverty. I really don’t mean to compare but doesn’t America has the highest gun violence in the world but does that stop people from exploring beautiful America, no I don’t think so.

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Emma! Thank you for sharing! I absolutely agree and yep, that’s a fair point to make.