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  1. Meghan M

    Do you have any suggestions on air bnb or car rentals??

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Meghan! I don’t have a list of Airbnbs for South Africa at the moment, but I’ll keep that in mind. You can peep my Cape Town post that has suggestions on places to stay —

      As for car rentals, there are typical places like AVIS, Hertz, and that sort of thing. Feel free to take your pick! As a note, most cars ARE NOT automatic there. There’s a place called “RentaCheapy” that has cheap options…but they’ll likely all be in Manual. Definitely search on Kayak or Expedia beforehand to price compare, or if you have credit card points — see if you can use those.

  2. Taylor M

    Do you have any recommendations for best airline when flying within South Africa/Africa?

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Taylor! So…South Africa Airways I mostly avoid, even though it seems like it would be the best as it’s in a lot of the international airline alliances. But from my understanding, it’s owned and run by the government and they went bankrupt and then bought out the airline again and it was just a big ol’ mess. They canceled a lot of flights and were going to go out of business. As of this month, it looks like SA Airways and Kenya Airways are going to be partnering, so their reputation might get a little better. I’d keep my eye on them! But historically speaking (over the last 4 years), I would mostly avoid them.

      Fly Safair and Fly Kulula I flew a lot. And Mango! Safair would be my preferred — they have the most options, Kulula is lovely as well. I flew Mango once and I think it was the most budget airline. But those are the three that fly the most from Cape Town.

      There’s a new airline called Lift that my friend just flew. It seems really cool—extremely flexible bookings and comfortable planes. They may have more limited routes though because it’s a newer airline. But it might be a great option! You might have a hard time finding them on Google flights because they are so new and just look on their website for the time being: