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  1. Mayi Mac

    Saint Emilion, name of love to me. Nice tips to visit therer

  2. Tony Powell

    We lived in France for 3 years, during which time we did a road trip to Saint Emilion from our hosts Bed & Breakfast, in the small commune of Blanzay Sur Boutonne.
    We had hired a car on a monthly basis for our general getting about the region, but when our Son and friend decided to pay us a visit we had to upgrade to accommodate us all.
    A couple of hours trip took all day, when you drive through France you just have to admire its beauty. Finally reaching our destination of Saint Emilion, there it was the monolith church with its steeple inviting us to stop and admire its beauty in this UNESCO village.
    We found our accommodation in a small back street a 2 minute walk from the main thoroughfare, turn left or right it didn’t matter small shops, bars and cafes scattered amoungst the many wine outlets selling many varieties of the local Saint Emilion wines from reasonably priced to way outside our budget. What we really enjoyed was the hospitality of the wine stores who were all happy to invite us in and show us the vats, give us an explanation about their wines as well as a tasting.
    We spent 2 nights in Saint Emilion tasting wine, drinking coffee, enjoying the local food and hospitality. If in the Bordeaux region make sure to visit Saint Emilion for an unforgettable French wine, food and culture experience.

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Tony, your time in France sounds absolutely magnificent…wine, coffee, local food—talk about a wonderful experience!