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  1. muhafazakar villa

    what an amazing and fascinating place it is. I really want to stay there. Thanks for sharing

  2. Susan Lager

    While I think this post is informative and intriguing, and it *does* mention 3-4 dollar signs in terms of price, it is the second safari lodge she has mentioned that is upwards of $3,000 per night (this particular one being a whopping $19,000 for three nights- half of some people’s annual salary). It’s amazing that she has been able to stay there (for what I assume was little to no cost, a perk of being an influencer), but I feel as though I’m speaking for the majority when I say it is out of reach for most people. I wish that she would discuss and post about more affordable options.

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Susan, thank you for your input! I’ll be crafting some guides with more budget-friendly safaris and affordable places to stay shortly. I know how expensive the flight to Africa can be and want to provide suggestions no matter the budget! 🙂

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi again, Susan! Just wanted to add that Gondwana has some budget-friendly safaris you can check out, but safari, by nature, is usually quite pricey. In regards to the hotel pricing at Lion Sands—that lodge is their top-tier offering, but there are other lodges on the property! One thing to remember is that particular lodge is meant for groups of about six people, so if six people were splitting the cost, it would be much less per person. While still pricey, part of that goes toward conservation—which I’m fully in support of—and it’s also all-inclusive.

      Here’s this post that offers up some budget-friendly options in the meantime! 🙂