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  1. jas

    Hi, love your blog! My girlfriends and I are travelling to Thailand with a similar itinerary as yours. Do you think I would be OK with travelling with a suitcase? My friends are bringing backpacks because they said there’s not a lot of ports, so anytime we go to another island we have to walk through water to get to a boat/ferry?

    • If you’re moving around a lot and think you could pack in a backpack that would probably be the easiest/most convenient. But I believe you would be okay packing in a small suitcase as long as you’re comfortable carrying it.

  2. Emily Dawn Willmett

    My friend and I are planning a trip to Phuket then heading to the islands around Phi Phi..
    Do you recommend any places to stay?

    Thanks for the island hopping tips — super helpful!