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  1. So important to get the word out about this–thank you! I like Cotz and Beautycounter sunscreens as reef safe choices.

  2. Hi KIKI, Im Cat Miller an Account Exec for Stream2Sea’s Natural Channel. From all of us @ Stream2Sea, thank you for featuring us. Unlike any other brand on the market currently, Stream2Sea is the ONLY known mineral sunscreen and BOdyCare company that is TESTED and PROVEN safe for Coral Larvae, Salt & Freshwater marine life and people. Also, our packaging is made of Sugar Cane Resin instead of plastic.

    Thank you for being an educator and spreading awareness through your platform. It’s a small change we can all make that will have a huge impact.. with 14,000 TONS of sunscreen that enters just our coastal waters annually we can not afford to continue poisoning and killing our aquatic life.

    With love- Cat & Stream2Sea

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Cat + the team at Stream2Sea! Thank you for doing all that you do!