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  1. AlaskasWorld

    Mykonos….what a wonderful place. I have heard of it for the first time. However, added this to my bucket list. I am planning to visit that place on next Christmas. There is a little doubt in my mind that, can we visit there with family? I must tell you that your photography skills are amazing. The way you have captured photographs make this article even more eye-catching. Thanks. Keep posting such amazing work and keep inspiring thousands like me.

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hey there! Though there are many activities for partygoers, you can absolutely visit with your family.

  2. nicole

    Hi! We have a group going June 2022.
    Starting in Mykonos staying at Cavo Tagoo (this could change if you rec another place). Do you rec a good water taxi to get to the other beaches? Should we reserve or are they waiting?
    Taking a motor Cat to Santorini staying at Oia Epitome and visiting islands along the way. Rec any islands /beach spots not to miss?

    Thank you
    I love your page/blog