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  1. Megan

    What resorts did you stay in specifically on the islands?!


    • Hey babe! This is a guest post, so you’ll need to contact them to find out where they stayed as a couple.

      • Skyler

        Hi there, i absolutely love your pictures !!! My boyfriend and I are going to Thailand in December and i would love for us to come home with some similar photos. How did you get photos of the 2 of you ?? Did you just ask the locals?? What time do you recommend waking up to start exploring for the beaches to still be quiet and empty?

        • Hey babe! Bring along a tripod with a remote and put your camera on self-timer and then you don’t need to stress about finding someone to take your pics 🙂 Sunrise is always a good time! Plus, the light will be beautiful for photos!

  2. Thando

    How did you guys get around between cities? Mainly Chiang Maui to Phuket? Did it take up a lot of your holiday time?

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Thando! This post was contributed by Michael and Alexandra from Couple’s Coordinates, so I’m not exactly sure how they got from Chiang Mai to Phuket – but have a look at this post to see my itinerary and travel plans around Thailand:

      When I went we used a lot of the local transportation and it was part of the adventure. In my experience, as long as you’re able to spend a 2-3 days in each place, it doesn’t feel like it takes up too much of the holiday.

      As a heads up, local buses are often the easiest option, with tuk-tuks usually the most expensive transport choice — but that’s certainly an experience (and not necessarily the best for long distances). The train service throughout the country is affordable, and there are night trains on offer if you’re going long-distance, and it’s a great opportunity to get chatting to fellow travelers.