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  1. This giveaway is awesome! The article is also great! I will be traveling to Europe in January, and to China in March, so I have been doing a lot of research on how I can connect without buying the local sims or paying for pricey phone plans! I always find great info on your blog!

  2. Gosh I totally need this! I’m moving from Finland to somewhere in Asia (yep, we don’t know yet, going to just travel for few first months and then settle when we found nice place) and I bet this would be essential there on my travels! I’m planning to write a blog (already started, let me introduce: Lostventures – about our travels and adventures. We’re going to be a family of three, me and my husband and our 5yo daughter.

    Really hope to win this hotspot, in a country without too many wi-fi connections I could really use this opportunity!