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  1. Shauna

    I have enjoyed this website thus far, but as a licensed and accomplished skydiver I am very concerned about the inaccuracy of the information you are giving here. People with A licenses are not considered “legitimately capable of helping out at the drop zones.” The only thing they should be focusing on is gaining more experience as a skydiver, not imparting it to others. No reputable dropzone will allow a novice skydiver to assist with rigging–becoming a rigger requires a serious course of study and special licensing, and people’s lives would be in serious danger if these strict requirements were not followed. A novice skydiver can not work as a an in-flight video operator either–the ability to match one’s fall rate to a tandem or group of skydivers is an incredibly difficult skill, and you could easily injure other skydivers without significant experience. Skydiving is an amazing sport, but its dangers should not be taken lightly, and the industry’s jobs are not for the novice.