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  1. I didnt know that this job exist it sounds like alot of fun but it is alot of job taking care of everyone

    • Ana

      Thanks for your comment Izy! And I like your name, got a nice ring to it haha!

      Yes, you are correct in that statement! It is a lot of fun, but sometimes can be a mission trying to rally and organize all of the party-goers. I personally never ran into any serious issues, but I can’t speak for all bar crawl leaders of the world! During my personal experiences as a bar crawl leader, my job was mostly just to set the tone, provide a friendly and comfortable atmosphere, get the strangers mingling- it’s not like you are doing a roll call and everyone needs to be barhopping in a single file line haha! You are in charge of everyone to an extent, but we are all adults here, and it wasn’t like I had to go out of my way to straight up babysit people (thank god!). You just have to keep an eye out, and be the go-to person for fun and for guidance to the next bar!

      I definitely think that the pros outweigh the cons, if you have the type of personally that is in line with this type of role! I had an absolute blast as a bar crawl leader- but that is because i am a crazy, hyper, ball of energy!! It’s definitely not for everyone, but if you would like to try it out, I say- go for it! Why not! I have to say, it was the most fun job I’ve ever had…besides booze cruise leader! That article is on it’s way soon!