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  1. Nicole

    I was wondering if you could provide insight on how to travel and get paid more in the structure that you do it? not necessarily a “travel blog” per se’ but going about blogging / having a website while traveling and getting paid for doing this on whatever the topics…

    Totally get it if you can’t spoil your secrets! But just wondering how can you start this while traveling and how does this work legally, with visas and what not. I know you’ve mentioned about your supplies that you bring with you in terms of camera bag + laptop + sometimes the portable wifi etc. In order to keep up with the blog but make the most and fully immerse yourself in your experiences what would you recommend (while being able to remember everything?). How do you start working with companies that could be relevant or start a following?

    Sorry for all the questions! And I can definitely send a more cohesive email if that would be better – but I saw in your FAQ you were soon going to be moving away from emails

  2. lee

    I worked in Australia for 6 years and Bangladesh for 2, Am going to Thailand next year while working for myself. It’s a great lifestyle and I recommend it to anyone!