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  1. Madam Acharya

    My girlfriend and I recently had the pleasure of visiting Bali, and let me tell you, it’s just perfect for couples. Honeymooners, take note! Bali has everything you could ever dream of for a tropical holiday; stunning natural beaches, beautiful landscapes…and a pretty amazing nightlife. I see you’ve mentioned a few destinations for couples, but I might jump in and add another, Jimbaran Beach. During our little getaway, my girlfriend and I stayed at Karma Jimbaran Bali, which I believe is one of the best resorts in the area. This place had everything you could imagine for the perfect island escape, which is exactly what we both needed. The resort’s luxury rooms were beautifully decked out, with a private pool! I’d never experienced that before, and now I don’t know how I’ll ever holiday without it. The resort’s spa was pretty amazing as well, I’ve never had a better massage. At nights we tended to dine in the resort’s restaurant, as it was just as good (if not, better) than those elsewhere. The staff must have noticed too, because one night they set up a candle light dinner for us :O Love you Bali!!

  2. Roxanne

    Hi where is that photo you took in Ubud?