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  1. amanda

    can you provide information for where you stayed? namely, where the picture taken from your bedroom window with the pools down below? that look like PERFECTION.
    thank you!

    • Hi Amanda! That was at the Karisma’s El Dorado Royale, just south of Cancun 🙂

  2. Eve First

    Hi Kiersten, you said the heat and humidity can be daunting at times, I beg to differ, I found it overwhelming at all times! Be prepared folks, if you don’t cope well with humidity coastal Mexico takes some getting used to, I still didn’t acclimatize after spending 4 months there but don’t regret a single minute of it! Dressing in breathable fabrics is the perfect hint, not only from a self cooling perspective but from a washing point of view as well, it’s hot as Hades yet clothing just does not dry quickly! If you are susceptible to heat cater for at least 2 outfits a day while packing, despite the humidity I managed to be drenched in perspiration just about constantly!
    Absolutely nothing in this world beats a dip in a refreshing cenote to cool you down though!