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  1. Amy Lynn Ruegsegger

    Thanks for sharing your ideas- I stole a few as usual, haha!! My husband and I just returned and we LOVED Le Petit Commerce! Probably the best meal of the whole trip!

  2. Tony Powell

    Hi Kiki,
    Bordeaux is one of our favourite cities in France. Each time we travel to France we make a point of staying a few days in Bordeaux. We really enjoy the the fast train / TGV from Paris, sitting watching the beautiful French scenery, enjoying a glass of the famous Bordeaux wine of choice. We are returning for a longer stay in March 2020 on the train from Paris.

    Once in Bordeaux we will hire a car from the station Gare Saint Jean, as we are spending an extended time in Bordeaux and the surrounding wine regions. When we stay in the city we use the tram system which is very easy and cheap to use. One of the best Bordeaux experiences is the Sunday market on the Gironde boardwalk where you can buy all types of fresh fruit and vegetables, hot meals like roast chickens, paellas, and of course Bordeaux wines from the various wine regions such as Medoc, Saint Emilion, Sauternes and Blaye.

    We highly recommend staying in Bordeaux for a couple of nights at least, Bordeaux has so much to offer everyone.

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Tony! Thanks so much for sharing, that sounds like the best way to experience Bordeaux!