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  1. Great tips! I just wanted to add one thing, don’t go to the beaches near Porto Alegre! The state of Rio Grande do Sul has some of the ugliest beaches I’ve ever seen, you’re much better off taking a short bus ride to Florianopolis (the next state up) where some of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen are. The difference is actually shocking. The rest of the beaches in Brazil of course are beautiful as well. I’ll be in Brazil for all the madness and I can’t wait!

    • Awesome tips Hannah! Thank you! I’ve heard Florianopolis has the best beaches!

  2. I’ll be in Brazil during the World Cup but will be there to travel and see family, not see any games at the stadiums. There is SO much to do in Brazil, but people should also be aware the traveling in Brazil can be complicated–it’s very large, so distances between places are huge–and it can be very expensive.

    • That’s very true! I don’t think people realize how far apart the cities are. Thanks for sharing your advice!