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  1. Vacation Travel Spain

    First of all congrat for such a good article here! Any ideas / suggestions for the Bachelorette Party in Spain? Would be nice if you can name some of the best places. Best Regards

    • Yes! I think Barcelona would be SUCH a fun place for a Bachelorette party!

  2. Taipei Nights

    Great List! I just want to suggest one more place for nightlife and that is Taipei, Taiwan. The city boasts famous attractions, bustling nightlife, excellent restaurants, and extensive shopping opportunities, as well as a heady mix of history and culture with modern and progressive thinking. This makes it one of the top bachelor party destinations in the world. Taipei has something for almost any interest and every kind of traveler, whether you are on a budget or looking for VIP amenities for your group during your trip.
    Taipei nights are best with clubs like OMNI, Halo, Bebe42 and many more. Karaoke clubs are also pretty famous there. Gay clubs are also so full of life there at nights.

    So, I hope You add Taipei in your list and add my comment so that people get to know about this amazing place.