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  1. Jb

    Thanks for sharing all of the wonderful information. However…
    Why do you talk about SA without featuring indigenous Africans culture or giving people a more rounded and deeper glimpse into the country? The culture, the soil, and the history give the food, the wine and the awesomeness it’s flavor! Your audience may be people who look like you, however, feel empowered to show the reality of the place and the people as opposed to just your perspective. Although the vineyards are owned by the African settlers and much of the wealth is in their possession, the country is still made of of Africans whose cultures should not be white washed even if you’re talking about the high society activities that most of the locals cannot afford. You can still be ‘The Blonde Abroad’ and recognize that the country has deep history that’s more than bubbly and boutique hotels.

    I am an African and American who has lived and traveled extensively around the world. As a matter of fact, next stop is Mexico before going to Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Maybe our paths will cross one day. Cheers!

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Joseph,

      I appreciate the question but I am not a travel journalist. There is so much to the country and culture, however, I am approaching things as a travel blogger sharing itineraries and tourism-focused blog posts to support South Africa (and places around the world), and hopefully encourage tourism there. I have a ton more articles regarding South Africa — but this post was strictly about their wine! Cheers!