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  1. Samantha Drury

    Hi Kiersten,

    Love your blogs ! We are planning our trip to Iceland in March & also including wanting to see the Silfra.. two questions though
    1. Would you recommend Scuba or Snorkel? We would do our PADI course in Sydney before we head over if Scuba is best…
    2. We are planning on driving the Golden Circle ourselves.. would you do the Silfra dive/snorkel as a stop on the drive or would you recommend driving the Golden Circle and doing the Silfra on a day by itself ?

    Thank you in advance…. and sorry for rambling on 😛

    • Hey Samantha!

      I’ve done both snorkeling and diving at Silfra and I would say that either one would be a great experience, so really up to you. I recommend driving Golden Circle on your own so you can stop as you please, but you do need to book a guide/tour to do Silfra– they will provide all the equipment, dry suit, etc. and it can be dangerous if you’re not experience snorkeling/diving in that temperature.

      Have a blast! xx

  2. Joyce

    Hi, I just stumbled across your blog and now I am your newest fan! Do they drive on the right side of the road like here in the USA? Loved your packing list blog, that was very helpful. What month did you visit Iceland? We are going mid October, I’m wondering how cold the weather will be?