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  1. I love scuba diving but have only gone in warm water. My husband and I certified in a quarry where it was 50 degrees at the bottom. We vowed to never dive in cold water again. BUT this place sounds amazing. Maybe someday we will be more adventurous and try it out. Kudos to you for doing this dive!

  2. Lindsey E Martin

    I really want to dive this, but also really claustrophobic especially to weird things like feeling like I’m stuck in a tight shirt or can’t get a sports bra off. This is why I have put off getting my dry suit certification. Is it so tight around your neck that you feel like you can’t breathe and is this dive worth a potential panic attack (the panic attack would happen while getting the suit on, not under water)? I’ve heard it feels like loosens up a bit once you are in this water, true?

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Lindsey! I understand and that was one of my reservations before getting certified with PADI. Those are definitely things you’d want to bring up with the dive center and chat with them to see if it’s something you can work through. I talk a bit more about that here: