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  1. Angelica

    I’m going to Iceland by myself in April for 5 days! Very excited!! I also booked through Arctic Adventures to go to the Glacier Hike. I read that you rented the gear from them directly, did you find it was worth it to rent from them? I just have winter boots (I live in Toronto) They are waterproof, and good to -40C. They have grip but nothing like an icepick kind of grip. My winter jacket isn’t water proof but definitely warm enough. I don’t have waterproof pants at all though. What would you suggest?

    • Hi Angelica! The tour company provided waterproof jackets and pants, however you’ll want to wear warm layers under, and you’ll have to wear your own hiking boots. The company should provide clamps for your shoes 🙂

      • On average, how much would you say one could spend in Iceland without airfare?

        • Depending on what you’re looking to do and where you are planning on staying in Iceland, I would budget anywhere from $50-180 a day. You can check out some of my articles on Iceland to get an idea of things to do/places to stay to help create your budget! There are always different tricks to make things less expensive.

  2. Jennifer

    Wow! you are brave! Thank you for sharing this experience. I believe I will totally take their tour so I can experience Iceland with experts at hand!