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  1. YUM. We don’t get refrigerated processed foods where I live & a local here from Isreal just started making and selling hummus from his house, another women makes and sells sour cream, and even ANOTHER makes mayonnaise for all us expats to buy. Homemade really is better (but in my case it’s homemade by someone else) haha

    • You lucky duck! That sounds like an awesome community you’ve got!

  2. Jennifer

    It looks like there is some basil or some other herb on the cutting board and in the blender. Do you add that as well? I didn’t see it on the ingredient list.

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Jennifer! This recipe is for standard/traditional hummus—basil can certainly be added if desired, but this recipe is just the normal one that can be flavored a myriad of ways if you choose 🙂