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  1. Magda

    Wow thanks so much! This looks like an amazing itinerary and will definentaly try it. What do you recommend for splitting it into 2 days? Where would you stay the night? Thanks! ?☺?

    • Hey babe! I’ve only done it as a day trip so can’t give you a personal recommendation. If you want to split it into two days, I’m sure you won’t regret it. The Cape Peninsula is beautiful!

    • Jo

      Hey! Do you have a tour company or driving service you recommend for someone who doesn’t want to drive but also doesn’t want to be on a large group tour?

      • The Blonde Abroad

        Hey Jo! Since I haven’t been on any tours like what you’re referring to, I can’t give a personal rec—but I’d research through the treasure troves of the Internet and check out the reviews on places like TripAdvisor!

  2. Danielle

    Hey there! We’re coming at the end of next May (hopefully). I know it can be quite chilly then, but still nice to walk around (when not raining). Do you have any tips or adjustments to the itinerary based on that time of the year? Thank you!!

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hey Danielle! I’d still stick to that itinerary and more change up what you’re packing – layers and things you can take off/bundle up in depending on what the weather is looking like 🙂