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  1. Kurt rental

    For many travelers, the noisy and many-faced San Francisco is the main synonym of freedomfraud. And it is quite deserved. The city is very diverse and colorful. here everyone can find a social circle

  2. Stephen Wolf

    This article is incredible! My wife and I are going to San Fran in October and this travel guide will help us plan out our trip! Do you recommend using Bin 415 to take us around the city? We want to get lots of pictures while we are in town at all of the insta-worthy spots, are they accommodating to that or do they try to keep you on a strict timeline for the tour?

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hey Stephen! I was able to get quite a few snaps along the way. I would reach out to them and see if they can mix up your itinerary a bit to focus on the insta-worthy spots. Definitely worth asking! 🙂