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  1. Well, I’m a Belgian blogger and I don’t like beer. And I live in a country that has so many! 🙂 There must be something wrong with me. LOL! Actually, I do love one beer, the Kriek or a Framboise, like guys always love to call them “girl’s beer”, because these are sweet cherry beers, so guys usually don’t prefer them. You should have visited my city Antwerp too! Although I live in Bruges now, my heart belongs to Antwerp. You would love it too, there are so many cool, hip places to shop, eat and go out. Also famous for its port, diamonds and fashion designers…and known for its famous “Bolleke”, a beer that is loved by many… 🙂 Great post about my country! Loved reading it. 🙂 Inge x

  2. Liesbet

    I am from Belgium and I really enjoyed reading this post!
    You absolutely discovered the best things our little country has to offer 😉