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  1. Jackie

    Thanks for a list of things to do, I’ll be in Bogota for a few days in May and this is super helpful!

  2. My family will be in Colombia this fall, and reading your post has me more excited about Bogota. The original plan included just 1 day there, but now I’m considering making it 2. Is 1 day just too little time(I know, more time is always better, but cuts always have to be made)?

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Kristin,

      If you can, I’d highly recommend giving it two days. There’s just so much to see and it’s difficult to really get the feel for a place if you are rushing from place to place. But I know time is limited!

      • We decided to make it 2 days. Thanks so much for the help!

        • The Blonde Abroad

          Have the best time, Kristin!