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  1. Kaylini Naidoo

    Gosh how this article spoke to me! Never were more true words spoken. Im a newbie travel blogger (eeek cant believe I’m even calling myself this) and Ive read a number of articles on ‘how to start a travel blog’ generic posts. How people claim its a 10 step process and voila! you have a blog and have plenty page views and a following. Oh how wring it would be. Starting from the ground up, its is frikking hard. There is so much to work on and people make it seem like monetization happens instantly- lies! Anyway Id just like to say I appreciate the honesty of your post especially the fact that you recommend people need a job or side hustle because building a blog takes time, effort and a lot of steady grind.

    • The Blonde Abroad

      So glad this spoke to you! I’ve been there and my blog did NOT happen overnight. It was years of dedication and hard work, so I’m happy to shed light on the process. 🙂