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  1. Yazan

    A post for marketing tools has no truth to what you say and your advice is not in place because:
    1. Bluehost is not the best hosting but the worst hosting and you are not using it.
    2. You are using the Kadence theme for your blog and you advise everyone to use the worst themes to earn commission only

    • 1. My site gets over 1 million pageviews each month so I now require my own server. However, I used Bluehost when I first started and for about 5 years after that. It’s perfect for anyone just starting out.

      2. My site is a completely custom design on WordPress (not a theme). But, previously I used Avada, the number one theme on Theme Fusion.

      There’s not one size fits all once your site becomes successful, but I genuinely recommend these tips for anyone just starting out.