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  1. Shannon

    i am working on setting up a blog but I am stuck on how to create privacy policies, terms and conditions and disclosures.
    What do you recommend? Is there a website that would help me write these elements (free or paid)?
    thank you!

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Shannon! I believe there are some free/paid sites that can help you with this, but I don’t have a recommendation at the moment. I actually have a whole team that helps me with my site—making sure it’s up to date and everything. You’re welcome to reach out to my team and see if they can be of service:

  2. Maddy

    Hi Kiki! I’m thinking about starting a blog but I’m having lots of trouble coming up with a name. Any advice?

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hey Maddy! I would suggest figuring out what things you want to blog about and create a list of descriptions/names that stem from that. You’ll definitely have to google and see if names are available or not and get creative.