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  1. Nancy

    Hi Kiersten,

    Thanks for the tips. What are your lodging thoughts? We like to meet local people so we are interested in guest houses or b and bs. We would like smaller places and don’t want anything fancy – just a normal irish breakfast. If travelling in May would we need to do everything in advance or would we be able to find places as we go? I have looked online but it is hard to distinguish touristy from authentic. I appreciate any help you can give. We are not extremely experienced in international travel but we are flexible and are not picky guests.

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Nancy! I would say look into B&Bs as well as Airbnbs. I haven’t stayed at many bed & breakfasts in the area, so I can’t speak on whether you need to book in advance or not. However, in my experience, it’s always helpful to have a reservation, if possible. You may want to inquire in the TBA Travel Tribe on Facebook and see if the ladies there have any insight!