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  1. Manit Motwani

    Hi – Great blog and Thank you !

    Looking to get back some souvenirs – Papyrus scrolls, lanterns, egyptian towels/ bedsheets – Would appreciate any suggestions on where I would be able to get a good deal and not get scammed as a tourist. Thaank. you

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Manit! I don’t know if Egyptian cotton is something you’ll get a deal on just by buying it in Egypt. I haven’t personally looked into it, so I can’t provide any insight there. Papyrus scrolls and lanterns are innately touristic items, so I can’t give you a market value on those items. You’ll be going to touristic shops to find these goods, so it’s likely they’ll try to take advantage of you.

      I don’t have benchmarks for any of these things personally but I think a good rule of thumb might be to pay what you’re comfortable paying; if you’re not comfortable paying it—it’s probably too much. They’ll always price high (especially papyrus stuff), and you can walk if it’s not the right price for you. I would anticipate haggling/bargaining as that’s part of the culture.

  2. kelly

    Thank you so much for this post! I am going to be going to Egypt for the first time in July and am trying to wrap my head around what to pack for this trip. I am a white woman in my mid 30’s and want to dress “appropriately” and yet not die of heat exhaustion! I would love to get any recommendations you may have for what to bring for a two week trip! Thank you!