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  1. Sandy

    All mfrs. of 120V-only hair tools explicitly warn against using even a good step-down converter with them for more than a minute or two, because you’d still fry your tool’s innards (or worse). This is true for Drybar, Dyson, Revlon & Conair. (The only dual-voltage tools from these mfrs. sold in the US are Dyson’s Corrale straightener, Revlon’s 1″ heated brush-curler, and Drybar’s Tress Press iron and Baby Buttercup travel dryer). Smartphones and their supplied chargers these days are universal-voltage–all you’d need is an adapter plug from your charger for the wall outlet. Some aftermarket charging stations (for phones, watches, tablets, small laptops) are also universal voltage (look at the fine print on the side or bottom).