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  1. Carol Bailey

    Hi I love the color of your hair and appreciate this information. If you can 423-747-0616 text me reply or email but preferably a text I would like to know if you used 20 or 30 I couldn’t see in video or I didn’t hear you say . I have normally used a over the counter highlighter kit from L’Oréal and randomly it’s been discussed. I have tried another over the counter product since then and the color just isn’t very pretty . Also what is a good after conditioner you use . Thank You in advance.

    • The Blonde Abroad

      Hi Carol! You’ll want to use a 20 Volume Developer for covering gray and for lifting hair 1-2 levels of color (usually used for naturally, lighter hair). For fast lightening and 2-3 levels of lift, use 30 Volume Developer! The details are in the post 🙂 I typically use Olaplex conditioners – but I would highly recommend having a chat with a hair care professional as I have not gone to beauty school. They know better than I do!