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  1. Hi Kiersten, love all the beautiful pictures captured here. you definitely had a blast in Bali! Next time you visit Ubud, this Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant, an informal restaurant located in downtown Ubud with a fully interactive experience, where guests can also opt to dine in the kitchen itself, should be on your Must-try-in-Ubud list 🙂 Locavore opens for both lunch and dinner, with daily changing tasting menu. Cheers!

    • Thanks so much for the recommendation! 😉

  2. We got back from Ubud a month ago and reading this post makes me want to go back today! Your trip looked beautiful! Gorgeous photo! It is truly one of the most magical places on earth! I look forward to the day we can go back and stay for much longer. We have yet to travel the other areas of Bali…but I’d be happy to just go back to Ubud. I did a little post when we got back. Glad I stumbled upon this post – Thank you! xo

    • Thank you! It truly is a magical place 🙂