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  1. Lovely suggestions! I’m going to Bali in May this year, so this is going to be a great help to me. I’m so sorry to read the story about you being attacked by monkeys – but I’m glad it didn’t cause any physical injuries (other than where the bottle hit you).

  2. Megan Kline

    Love your suggestions! I am planning a trip in May this year, and this really reinforced my wanting to go! I am hesitant to travel solo, since I usually love company and exploring/sharing experiences with those around me; however, your post really made it seem worth while!

    How difficult was it to travel from Denpasar airport to the bungalows? I’ve read transportation can be pretty cheap (and private ones at that!) Also, in the private bungalows, were there others around? That being said, would you recommend any quality hostels in the area for backpackers?

    • Hi there Megan!

      Great question!

      I recently started a travel forum on my website so that you can get advice from, not only me, but the entire travel community.

      I’ll be sure to answer your question there and that way it can help future readers. You can find an Indonesia forum inside “Destination Specific Travel Questions” here:

      If you don’t find your answer there, feel free to post a new thread.

      Thanks and looking forward to answering your questions on the forum!