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  1. Natanya

    Now that you’ve visited Portland (the little sister of the NW) come visit Seattle (the big sister of the NW.) Portland is cool, but Seattle ha it’s own uniqueness that you have to experience. N. Seattle, W. Seattle, Central, you get the idea…Seattle is twice if not 3x the size of Portland! Snow capped mountains on either side of the downtown corridor, the sound and ocean within touch and SO many evergreens, maples, and ferns all over! You need to visit the true Pacific Northwest! Take a ferry, eat locally sourced food, so many beer choices and even more wine options! Come visit! There’s so many wonder places within our great country! I’d love to see and read more about our national treasures and dream/plan road trips and short(er) flights from your travel blogs! I was kind of surprised you haven’t traveled more around the USA…